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It runs photographic seminars (events) and workshops for the benefit of the members of its federated Clubs. An Exhibition of members work is held annually and other Inter-Club Championships are arranged. A list of photographic speakers and judges is also maintained for the benefit of the federated Clubs. See Club Services.

The EAF comprises 118 clubs and societies with a total membership of 3,639 photographers - Club returns dated: 6 March, 2004

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The bulletin

The bulletin is published in 3 issues per annum and is circulated to member Clubs. It contains reports from Officers, information updates, news from Clubs and articles of general interest. Contributions are welcomed from Clubs, Club members, Speakers and Judges. They should be sent to the editor before the issue deadline. The online version of the Bulletin may differ slightly in certain respects from the printed version. The opinions expressed by the contributors are not necessarily those of the federation.

Photography as an art

For decades people have asked themselves if photography can be considered a form of art. When the Photographic Society of London established back in the 1850s, certain members stated that the new technique of photography was a bit too literal to compete with works of art. Some members of this society were convinced that photography cannot elevate the imagination, but in current days photography is recognized as a form of art.

Photography exhibitions in London

Only from the 1960s-1970s photography was considered to capture a lot more than just surface appearances. Over the years people stopped asking this question and, when the grey River Rhine was captured under a colourless sky in a photograph and sold for £2.7 million by the photographer Andreas Gursky, everyone was ensured that photography truly is an art. In current days numerous galleries, museums and exhibitions display amazing photographs that inspire those who will admire them.

Head to Simon Lee Gallery from 8 April to 6 May and you will admire the new and historical work of the Japanese conceptual artist Keiji Uematsu. For the first time in London – actually, for the first time in the UK – his 45 years of work is exhibited, allowing people to witness the ideas of “de-familiarising” space and concentrate on the natural forces of tension, gravity or material attraction.

If you want to see the pieces of art of Stephen Gill along with your escort Paris, you must come to The Photographers’ Gallery between 18 March and 8 May. Print Sales Galley will present myeyefellout, which reflects on the artist’s fascination with nature. He harnesses a distinct visual language and constantly tests the limits of photographic medium. Admire this photo exhibition and you will sure get to see life from a different perspective, which fuses experiment and documentary photography with intervention and coincidence as well.

Electronic Superhighway in Galleries 1, 8 and 9 in the Whitechapel Gallery will astonish you and your escort. Attend to this exhibition accompanied by an escort Paris and change opinions on what you will perceive. Available until 15 May, this photography exposition will convince you that photography is, without any doubts, a form of art. Works of the renowned artists Judith Barry, James Bridle, Oliver Laric, Lynn Hershman Leeson and Roy Ascott together with other about 70 artists will exhibit their art spanning over 50 years.

Visit photography galleries

Watch how international artists see Britain in strange, yet familiar photographs. Attend to Barbican on Silk Street until 19 June and you will see impressive artworks that surprise Britain from the Thirties to today. Famous artists such as Shinro Ohtake, Paul Strand and Henri Cartier- Bresson display their images here, offering us the sensation that we have seen these images before, but they are somehow different. But if you appreciate early ballet films and school photographs, at Tate Modern you will see the exhibition Performing for the Camera. Cindy Sherman, Marcel Duchamp and Yayoi Kusama are only some of the artists who will intrigue even an escort Paris with their artworks.

Because photography often involves a careful composition, production and light, it is a form of art that does not cease to amaze use. Do not miss these revealing photography exhibitions in London and see with your own eyes why photography is one of the most impressive forms of art.

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